art for people

a group of young artists and artisans working together to make art, for people

our goal is to make art for people, regardless their age, gender, origin, cultural background, ability.

we think art is a passport to make life better for all and we work using recycled or unusual materials to create new objects and some pieces of art

we have a lab in Turin where we meet and work together

the lab is the place where we create and share ideas and it is open to every young artist and artisans who want to contribute to our project. It is also naturally open to all the people who love art and manual work

therefore, if you want to join us, get in touch by the contact form

if you want to get an idea on what we are doing, open our Instagram account  surf our website and visi our recently opened Etsy shop

blu647 logo young artist and artisans
blu647 logo


We thank the Me-commercer project partners for the support, for the suggestions and for all we learned on the project learning platform